Larry J. Henderson II

Associate Principal + Interiors Director


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Temple University

Associates Degree in Architectural Design, Northampton Community College



  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers Association (CREBA)

Larry J. Henderson’s passion for design started at a relatively young age when his parents recognized and reinforced his talent for art.  He spent the bulk of his adolescent years developing crafts in hand drawing, painting, and sculpture, photography and mix media arts.  At the age of 12 he had a self-portrait displayed in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in an exhibit for young talented artist in the Fairfax County Public School system.  Illustration became his first love, specifically creating comic book characters and developing the world in which they exist.  He believed that developing a meaningful story was as equally important as beautiful imagery that supports it.  That belief has stayed with him during his develop as a designer in college and into professional career.

“I focus on really understanding the end user by going beyond just the quantities and square footages, by collecting the qualitative information as well.  Understanding not just their organization, mission and goals, but also their business drivers and daily functions.

“Their vision and how they would like to be visualized in the market is important to how I approach the design.  The space should be a direct reflection of who they are, so I like to engage them actively throughout the process.  This tends to be the most exciting phase of a project for designer and client alike, why shouldn’t everyone be involved?”

Graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, Larry spent the first three of his over ten years of experience as a base building architect, doing what most architects do in their first three years out of school, growing beyond the conceptual and understanding the technical.  As he honed his technical expertise he found himself gravitating more towards interior materials and methods, detail development, and space planning.  He also found a flair for interacting with people beyond his fellow designers: Landlords; Developers; End Users; Consultants and Vendors.

It is his natural interpersonal skills and appreciation for engaging others that lead him to focus his career and design expertise on Interior Architecture and Interior Design.  In his time as an Interior Designer he has had the opportunity to work on and with a wide range of projects and clients, ranging from projects with the US Military, Museum and Cultural, Corporate Commercial and had the honor to be involved in the design of three US Embassies, located in Africa and the Middle East.

Teaching is a passion of Larry’s, and currently acting as Project Director for Interior Design allows him to provide mentorship to the bright and talented young designers in the office.

“Mentoring others is a big part of what I want to bring to my profession, but we are such a diverse culture, I learn just as much if not more from the people I mentor and work with on a day to day basis.  The office influences that continuing growth through the ease of collaboration and idea sharing.  I am privileged to be part of this experienced and enthusiastic group of individuals.”

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