Urban Design + Planning

Urban Design and Planning can be thought of in one sense as architecture at the scale of the street and city. Traditional architectural challenges like form, flow of foot traffic, positive spaces and exclusive security are complemented, and sometimes contradicted, by function, vehicular traffic, negative spaces and collective security.

Our approach to planning at KGD Architecture stems from the notion that successful planning outcomes are a consistent predictor of successful outcomes for the buildings, tenants and end users that follow.  A strong sense of place contributes to successful retail, vibrant outdoor gathering areas, walkable communities and smart, connected buildings.

The Masterplans we create address the needs of the community by involving all stakeholders and considering the cultural needs and aspirations of our time. Consensus is attained through collaboration, and a process that addresses functional, social, economic and cultural aspects of the project. We strive to make the master plans comprehensive, environmentally responsible, and inspirational.