Our design philosophy promotes thoughtful, appropriately tailored solutions that result in successful spaces, those that visually communicate the client’s values, history, and culture while enhancing the performance, purpose, and function of the organization.

We believe good design brings real value, positively influencing productivity, effectiveness, and overall sense of well-being. It incorporates current standards and anticipates future requirements, allowing buildings to be an asset throughout their life cycle.

KGD holds relationships and knowledge of our clients above any singular design aesthetic. Design is a process by which we discover who our clients are and how to convey their message, culture, and image through the built environment. A matrix may tell us size, office standards, and functions, but our process and abilities will create a space or building that reflects the client’s identity.

KGD is committed to world-class client service. Our time-proven design methods continually evolve and keep pace with technology to offer an innovative, comprehensive approach to realizing our client’s vision.