Overall Design Approach by Integration

Architecture is the most powerful form of social art, and KGD Architecture believes it is also the most powerful man-made event exhibiting how people view themselves and relate to others.  We have always had a fascination with the role architecture plays in the social, cultural, and psychological life of individuals and society at large.

The products of our work embody architecture as a social art in the way built work evolves out of the needs of those it support and gives expression to the relationships between human beings, their institutions, and their communities.


Our contextual design process will explore solutions grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of culture, architectural history and local building traditions, as well as the immediate urban context. Enduring architecture should embody the intangible aspects of art and place.


Ideas move beyond the form giving base to the design process to the point where the form cannot be separated from the generating idea.  Idea drivers can come in all aspects of a project – whether from the typical characteristics of traditional architecture and engineering issues or from its procedural, programmatic or cultural conditions.


We live in an age of awesome change; our aim is not just to keep pace with this change, but to lead it.  We therefore seek to create a practice of “permanent innovation” where our processes support new ways of looking at projects on many levels.


We believe sustainability is synonymous with good design and that principles of environmental awareness are fundamental to our design culture and integral to all design principles.


Technology is a liberating agent for design ideas.  It fundamentally drives architecture, engineering and construction. We are committed to the practical use of the most advanced, proven technologies available with the economy of every project.