KGD Architecture’s “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village” is  a masterplan for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village. KGD provides inspiration for Tokyo’s infrastructural revitalization in this village’s flexible transition through Olympic, Paralympic, and Legacy modes. The overall design demonstrates a commitment to universal design and its overlap with social and environmental sustainability, by linking smaller scale communities through a network of pedestrian circulation and public green spaces.

The KGD-designed Olympic Village is an exercise in modulating density and scale of larger urban networks to better suit the pedestrian scale.

• KGD’s urban network is composed of numerous garden hubs–or hamlets. At the heart of each hamlet is the core garden. With careful use of plan composition, density modulation, and orientation of these hamlets, an intriguing network of meandering paths and urban spaces is created.
• A generous pedestrian boulevard blends and joins the individual hamlets, larger parks, and waterfront into the overall composition of the Village. The boulevard is generous enough to accommodate community gatherings and small electric taxis for those with physical limitations.
• A colorful building facade gradient creates an urban scale wayfinding strategy intended to orient users within the patchwork of intimate gardens and buildings.
• A new vehicular service corridor will be located along the South edge of the site. Off of this service axis will be smaller North/South service streets that will partially penetrate into the Village to provide necessary supplies, off-site transportation, and various services to the Village hamlets. All of which existing on one singular universal plane of sustainable occupation and circulation for maximum accessibility and interaction between all athletes, employees, and visitors


Tokyo, Japan

Design Completed 2011

2011 AIA Ideas Competition, Honorable Mention


Manoj Dalaya

Suttiruck Wongsawan

Suttiruck Wongsawan


Aileen RG Horn