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Life Sciences

KGD Architecture’s Life Science practice is led by Manoj Dalaya.

Transferring practice expertise from the design and planning of national security facilities to corporate facilities including biomedical institutions that have similar mission-critical infrastructure, logistical, technological, and security requirements is a challenge; skeptical commercial enterprises must be inspired to invest in such longer-term considerations as employee well-being and environmental stewardship that can bring balance to secure facility design.

The breadth of our experience across different market sectors allows us to bring innovative design ideas and solutions to our Life Science and Healthcare projects. In addition to providing cutting-edge, flexible and functional spaces, patient satisfaction has emerged as a strong driver in our healthcare design. There is a growing awareness of the power of a healing environment. Our healthcare facilities strive to provide a higher level of comfort, and support to our patients and their families.
Our healthcare team includes a Medical Space Planner, Architects and Engineers who speak the same language as clinicians, nurses and doctors. Our Principals are involved in every aspect of the project from developing the program to commissioning the facility.

Secure Projects

KGD Architecture designs award-winning, innovative, state-of-the-art architecture for firms addressing the nation’s security and infrastructure challenges. Since before the inception of KGD Architecture, our leadership has always served those organizations that serve the Government.  We have a lengthy track record of projects for Associations, independent research facilities and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).  Project types have ranged from campus Masterplans to base buildings to suite fit-outs and FF+E, often as part of an extended partnership. Our experts are familiar with the language and details of government purchasing, special and compartmented construction, and specific security standards.  We are proud to have relationships spanning a decade or more of service to these specialized Associations.

As a result of KGD’s design leadership and innovative methodology, U.S. national security support facilities in both the public and private sectors are gaining in workplace productivity and safety, employee retention, community acceptance, and environmental and operating economy and performance. The firm employs art, light, strategic use of site and nature, and inclusive team leadership to create projects that win client, government, community, and professional recognition, inspiring improved standards. Over the last 25 years of KGD Architecture, the firm has created a portfolio of 25 highly complex secure facilities.

“The Westfields campus had a profound impact on the NRO”
-Betty J. Sapp, Director of the NRO



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