KGD Architecture’s approach to design begins with aligning the project to our client’s mission. In collaborative relationship with our client, KGD gains an understanding of their visionary, practical, and timely objectives to inform a design tailored to its unique place, function, and aesthetic and that achieves the highest outcome and best use for the building and those who live or work in and around it.

Our principals are committed to delivering services for the full duration of design and construction, from conceptual sketches through building occupancy, ensuring that the client mission, sustainability, community goals, resource conservation, and environmental protection are given priority within realistic budgetary expectations. KGD creates enduring value for our clients with a continuous focus on economic drivers and project viability that optimizes the project’s value and return on investment.

Successful navigation of projects through required approvals is enhanced by our familiarity with local land use incentives and specific, thorough research for each new project. Skillful regional implementation for local clients has led to opportunities for KGD to build a national presence, where we continue to meet the promise of our client’s initial vision.

KGD recognizes that good design means good business, and that our projects succeed only when they help our clients achieve their goals. Beyond the ribbon cutting ceremony for a completed project, our clients continue to reap the rewards of a thoughtful, responsive, and collaborative design process.