Elizabeth Square is going to be a mixed-use community located in the heart of Silver Spring, MD. The project engages multiple generations – from the very young to the elderly – in a vibrant setting intended to maximize interaction between people. As with any project, we spend a good amount of time strategizing and setting goals for ourselves. A technique we use is visioning through words. These words provide guidance throughout the process while also allowing others to understand the vision. As we went through this exercise and others, we realized that this project could become so much more if we would allow ourselves to go past our initial premise of just replacing the senior housing currently on the site. Words that resonated were home, active, healthy, holistic, arts, and multi-generational to name a few. Elizabeth Square is a flourishing multi-generational, mixed-income, and mixed-use living environment, which integrates sustainability, the arts, health & wellness, and technology, creates smart-living…

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Aileen RG Horn