Cynthia Heimann




Master of Arts in Human Resource Development, Marymount University

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Catholic University of America


Architect Licensed to Practice in the District of Columbia

Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)

Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)



  • Construction Specifications Institute- Northern Virginia Chapter, Chapter President

Cynthia Heimann has been intrigued by Architecture and spaces for as long as she can remember, scouring design magazines and observing the built environment early on.  It made sense to marry her interest in art, freehand and technical drawings and curiosity of buildings and spaces.  Studying and living in DC, living overseas two different times, and traveling has given her opportunities experience different styles of buildings and spaces she studied on the pages of architecture books while at CUA.  Among her favorites are the Pantheon in Rome, St. Chapelle in Paris, East Wing of The National Gallery, and gardens at the National Cathedral.

As KGD Architecture’s primary specification writer, Cynthia is a key player in the production of construction documents, providing the contractor with ‘rules of the game’ to establish standards of quality for materials used, process, and the benchmark for quality during construction. To the extent the project owners (developers or corporations) have their own design and quality standards, she’ll work closely with them and the design team to ensure the documents are coordinated for the bidding and construction process.

During the construction phase of projects, Cynthia places a high priority on attention to detail observing construction, reviewing the quality and accuracy of materials and assemblies and  coordinating with the design team to respond to the contractor’s questions regarding design intent and interpretation.  In meetings and general communications, she strives to foster an atmosphere of respect and clear communication as she represents the owner’s interests, and understands the contractor’s deadlines and schedule priorities.  Even with the difficulties and stress that can arise during construction, she finds great pleasure in knowing the team did their best to coordinate, communicate, solve problems, have some good laughs, and be proud they have been part of a successful project.

Her connections to product representatives as a specification writer, and her observations on site give her plenty of opportunities to bringing learning back into the studio.  Currently, she combines her involvement in the Education and the Standards Committees organizing or designing in-house programs for the staff pertaining to new materials, technical applications and standard detailing, adhering to ADA and codes requirements, and general practice during the CA phase.  Over the years at KGD, Cynthia has also provided support in proposal writing and developing award entries.

She has recently been elected as President of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, after years of involvement and dedication with the chapter.  In her free time, Cynthia draws fun and inspiration from exercise, dance and being outdoors; exploring environmental art, cooking Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines and leading food and architecture tours in Dupont Circle.


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